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It all began in 1975: a very young lady - talented, exotic looking and with a by birth given euphonic name Michaela Rose - won the young talents casting show „Star Chance 75“. Instantly she was signed to the record company “Young Star Records” and was sent to a vocal casting, announced by the music publishing company “Melodie der Welt”. It happened the way it had to: Michaela was chosen amongst 5000 participants to take part in a new project, accompanied by two other chosen girls. The idea of a disco-pop girlband was born! 


In 1976 that “idea” got it’s name: “ARABESQUE” was founded in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) by Wolfgang Mewes (music producer of “Melodie der Welt”) and Jean Frankfurter (composer of all “ARABESQUE” songs) with the original line-up: Michaela Rose, Mary Ann Nagel and Karen Tepperis. From now on the success of “ARABESQUE” was unstoppable! Starting in 1977 the girlband was touring all over the world, particularly the so called „Far East“ (such as Japan & South Korea) and Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark a. o.). They released about 10 albums, 40 singles and 51 compilations in more than 38 countries worldwide. Especially in Japan “ARABESQUE” became real „Superstars“. Their first single „Hello Mr. Monkey“ stayed on position 1 for 42 weeks in the japanese charts, followed by many other huge selling hits. Verifiable “ARABESQUE” had been equally as popular as ABBA and Paul McCartney at that time. For example: a special gift box named „ABBA vs. ARABESQUE“ with an equal number of 5 albums of each had been released in 1984.


“ARABESQUE” sold until presence more than 30 million records worldwide and had been awarded with several golden records. Their greatest hits still are „Hello Mr. Monkey“, „In for a penny“, „Rock me after midnight“, „Midnight Dancer“, „Marigot Bay“, „Friday night“ ... just to name a few. Over those years the line-up of “ARABESQUE” changed a few times with members like Mary Ann Nagel, Karen Tepperis, Heike Landvogd, Jasmin Vetter and Sandra Lauer. But there was that one young, talented, exotic looking, euphonic named lady, that was related to “ARABESQUE” from the very beginning as a founding member and stayed until 1985, when other music styles became more popular and the producers decided to dissolve the band: Michaela Rose.  


That already sounds like the end of the story of “ARABESQUE”, but ...


In 2006, when the demands for “ARABESQUE” especially in the eastern countries increased and became louder and louder, Michaela Rose decided to start a comeback of “ARABESQUE”. She found several supporting singers for the project to join her (Silke Brauner, Sabine Kämper, Tanja Götemann, Melanie Stahlkopf, Katrin Schyns), she re-recorded all legendary Arabesque-Songs, developed known and new choreographies ... all in secret and all to be best prepared for the big stages.


With the great support of the russian radio station „Retro FM“, the new line-up of “ARABESQUE” - leaded by the original Michaela Rose - performed for the first time after their break ... as a huge surprise for the thrilled audience ... in Moscow at „Legendy Retro FM“ festival 2006 at the Olympisky Icehall in front of 30.000 enthusiastic fans. The success had been outstanding, “ARABESQUE” was reborn!


Since that time “ARABESQUE” performed many concerts in countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Germany, Turkey, UAE and more. Michaela made it happen, that “ARABESQUE” could celebrate their 40`s anniversary in 2017 and still is performing for their fans as „ARABESQUE original Michaela Rose“! Not only that: Michaela works with tireless effort to keep the legend alive. As the only original founding member Michaela Rose is the owner of the trademark “ARABESQUE”. She was honored by the record company „Monopol Records“ to hold all rights and permissions to use the complete songs of “ARABESQUE” exclusivly for her performances.

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